Our Customers


Sing-Kee Chinese Supermarkets and Oriental City Restaraunt

We are proud to supply fresh fish and seafood to Sing-Kee Chinese Supermarkets in Leeds and Bradford.  We  also supply the Oriental City restaurant in Leeds.  Find us in the stores 6 days a week with a wide range of exotic seafood and Chinese specialities.



Owner of Sing-Kee, Leeds

"We buy all our fish and seafood from Yorkshire Seafoods for the restaurant as it is always fresh and our customers demand this. We also use Yorkshire Seafoods to supply our Chinese supermarkets in Leeds and Bradford".

Sing-Kee Store Timetable

TUE     11am-3pm   Leeds

WED    11am-3pm  Bradford

THR     11am-3pm  Leeds

SAT      11am-3pm  Bradford

SUN     11am-3pm  Leeds